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Hello, I am Estela

Spanish but I have been in the Netherlands since 2015. so I speak Spanish, Catalan, English, and a little Dutch.


I came to this country  as an au pair for a year and then I studied a master's degree in Work and Organizational Psychology, with the intention of helping companies improving their profits through employees. During this master, I could learn how people behave at work and how work can influence people and vice versa.  

Living in the Netherlands has had its ups and downs, which has made me more resilient.  Out of my own experience, I know (cultural) changes can be hard and diffiicult to process.


Every flower needs water to grow and flourish. I like to see the rain as the methaphorical 'problems' in our live where help is sometimes needed

         How did I get here?

I currently work in a company where I was able to observe what I learned in the Master's Degree in Work and Organizational Psychology. But I have realized that something I need is to help others to grow, develop, overcome diffiiculties and achieve their goals. Thus, I decided to continue learning in the area of behavior to be able to help people. I started a coaching course in which I learn how to ask questions that make you reflect and can help you and start taking actions.


After some ups and downs, I found my way again and I have decided to start this coaching adventure in which I want to help people overcome the diffiiculties they are going through, find meaning in their lives and grow as a person. Since I am already for a while living in the Netherlands I am well aware of the diffiiculties that cultural changes can bring with it. With my movement to Holland I came across all the steps that a lot of people are facing when leaving your home country.

Words that define me: curious,  involved, empathetic, analytical and result-oriented.

I am affiiliated with:
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