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Types of Coaching

You are thinking to live abroad 

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These services are based on a preventive way.

Some example of topics discussed:

  • Is it something for me to go to live abroad?

  • Am I ready to go to live abroad?

  • What should I take into account?

  • What can I expect from this?

Program to find yourself

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Coaching program with the aim of finding yourself and finding your path in the new country with the aim of feeling fulfilled again.  Thus, you will have a full life and be able to feel happy and satisfied in the new place where you are and do everything you want to do.

With this program and sessions you will learn:

  • Know yourself better and connect with yourself.

  • Empower and value yourself.

  • Tools that will be useful for similar situations in the future.

  • You will connect with your value to empower yourself.

  • You will know how to set realistic goals to meet them.

  • You are going to develop a new mentality that allows you to feel safe and confident to take actions to start feeling fulfilled in the new country where you are. ​

This is different from a coaching journey because it will give you exercises to do between sessions and you will have my full support between sessions.

Coaching trajectory 1 to 1

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This is for you if you have some specific question or challenging that you want to solve. For example some of the following questions apply to you:

  • What is it that motivates me?

  • Why do I always think so negatively about myself?

  • How do I accept that my life is different from what I thought.

  • I don't understand what's wrong with me.

We will have a first free session were we get to know each other, You explain your actual situation, which difficulties you have and what you would like to work on. During this appointment we will agree what we will work on and how many sessions will be needed.

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